A house concert is a celebration of live music with your closest friends, family and music lovers. With Laura, it will be an acoustic show, comprised of two 45 minute sets of original songs. 

the space

Your space will ideally fit 25-50 people comfortably, on couches, chairs, beanbags and cushions. There should be a separate space (usually a kitchen) where guests can chat and interact before and between sets while also enjoying any BYO snacks/drinks.

Sound equipment will be provided, so there's no need to rent any gear. 

Artists often have merch for sale, including CDs and small trinkets. In these situations, it's important to have a small table for merchandise.



This is completely negotiable between the host and the musician. Generally speaking, there are two options: a flat fee from the host for the evening, or: an agreement on donations from guests, generally between $15-$25 per guest.


As we continue to navigate the realities of the pandemic and follow public health guidelines, house concerts will be limited to 24 guests indoors or 49 guests outdoors for the foreseeable future.