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The Guest Room is a 450 square foot, 2 room music studio and rehearsal space in Dartmouth that is owned and operated by Laura Rae. 

"Working with Laura Rae was a delight – her organization, creative execution, and warm, kind-hearted approach made the collaboration effortless and inspiring.  Every session was efficient and productive. I'm confident she'll rise to become a highly acclaimed Producer!" 

- Kristen Martell

Laura has nearly 3 decades of musical training, including classical piano, guitar, and flute. She holds a B.A. with a Minor in Music, a B.Ed in Secondary Music Education and a M.Ed focused in the Integration of Music in Second Language Instruction.

In 2022, she was selected among hundreds of applicants to participate in SOCAN Foundation's Women Equity X Production Mentorship Program.


In 2023, she released a self-produced album (co-produced with Gabrielle Papillon) called Chansons pour ma grand-mère, which "feels like a lost EP from Feist’s early days—if the “Mushaboom” singer went en français for a minute" (The Coast, March 15 2023).

Producer's chair and desk, roland juno ds







Vocal arranging

French translations

Piano session work

Vocal session work

Instruments and such

Young Chang E101 Piano with felt mute

ROLAND JUNO DS 88 weighted key Synthesizer

Yamaha Stage Custom Drum kit

Sabian AAX cymbals

Baritone Cabronita Telecaster

(single coil pickups)

Traynor YGL2

Scarlett 18i8 interface

Various microphones, including: SM7B, Sennheiser 421s, Rode NT1, Rode NT-5 pencil condensers, and more!


Produced by Laura Rae

Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 2.09.03 PM.png
Nothing lasts forever.png
Chansons pour ma grand-mere
Jade Bennett Unrequited
Q052 & Laura Rae Waves
Paige Au revoir Amelie
Amber d'entremont
Jillian legere


I would love to chat about your project, whether it's songwriting, production, translation, or session work! Please reach out by e-mail at 

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