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Is there such a thing as Canadiana?

Joel Plaskett - Three (2009)

2009 was the year I graduated high school... Which makes sense that this album has such a grasp on folks my age.

A few I know -- Through & Through & Through.

Pine, Pine, Pine is so country - not at all what I expected of Joel Plaskett for some reason.

"Wishful Thinking" is great - very much the vibes I think of when I think Joel Plaskett. The percussion is very forward, and there are lots of percussive textures panned left and right which I like..

So many titles repeated three times - I wonder if he wrote these songs with the theme in mind or if he just noticed that there were lots of words repeated 3 times in his songs and then chose the album name?

"In The Blue Moonlight" is great. Love how the background vocals are doubled and panned left/right and not perfectly timed together so you hear the texture.

I like "New Scotland Blues" a lot. I need to do more just guitar and vocal songs.

This album is a huge undertaking. I really enjoyed it; it's one I would put on for a night of drinks with friends.

Boxer The Horse - Would You Please (2010)

The style of these guys is really cool. Kind of 70s inspired punk maybe? Defining genre is so tough.

"Mind Eraser" is the highest streamed track on the album and I can tell why. It's catchy, has a great guitar melody and fun back ground vocals!

I liked this album. Nothing stood out like amazing.

When the album ended, Spotify sent me to Yukon Blonde, which I felt much more intrigued by to be honest.. (Sorry Alex!)

I'm falling behind on these! Hopefully in the summer I'll be able to catch up!

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