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London Calling

Ok so I have made the executive decision to skip the Phish albums that someone so graciously sent me three of. I just can't right now.

The Clash - London Calling (1979)

This album is way funkier than I anticipated.

Wrong 'Em Boyo - the intro reminds me of Greg Keelor's vocals in a big jam sesh at the end of a set.

Revolution Rock is awesome! I love the panning horns - a nice piece of ear candy.

I like how the piano sounds throughout - like an old upright that you'd find in your grandma's basement.

Super dry drums through, the snare sounds perfectly punchy -- those perfect muted muffled sounds that were SO popular in the 70s.. I frickin love that sound so much.

I need to figure out how to get this sound in my recordings.

Harry Styles - Harry's House (2022)

The first 4 tracks I'd already heard a billion times. They're awesome! Fat dry drums, great vocals, melody, bass lines.. everything.

"Daylight" the harmonies are very cool. Very Imogen Heap - synth-ish, processed, thick. Love them.

"Little Freaks" - more awesome layered harmonies. I really like when artists do their own bgs. They feel so cohesive and makes the inflexions perfectly aligned. I would be a very happy producer if all I did was arrange and produce vocals and harmonies.

I LOVE "Matilda". Everything about it is perfect.

"Boyfriends" I've never heard the intro before - friggin reversed vocals are always so cool and weird.

I feel like there could have been a better song to end on than "Love Of My Life". It feels very meh after the rest of the album.

Niall Horan - Flicker (2017)

Not gonna lie, I didn't know who this was... But I've heard "This Town" before so I must have heard it on the radio or on a playlist?

The first few tracks feel way more country than I expected... Like if Backstreet Boys did a collab with Rascall Flats... And then switches back to 70s retro pop rock..

The vibes of "Since We're Alone" are very much like the vibes of Harry's House.

"Flicker" feels like "Matilda"... or "Matilda" feels like "Flicker".. I love this style of song - stripped back, guitar and piano and a bit of glitter.

I enjoyed the album, but when my Spotify switched to a new artist named Luke Hemmings I didn't even notice the switch...

Taylor Swift - Midnights (2022)

I haven't listened to this since the day it came out. I honestly didn't love it the first time I listened, but there are a few gems.

The first 4 songs I feel the same about as before - they're fine, nothing super special in my ears.

"You're On Your Own, Kid" actually caught my attention though.. something about the layered vocals and understated synth.

"Vigilante Shit" when she sings 'ladies always rise and fall, ladies know what people want...' she sounds like Hailey Williams... WILD

I love "Labyrinth" for the ear candy and the simplicity of the chords. The panning of accompaniment keeps me interested throughout. It's a slow build too which I'm a sucker for.

and "Sweet Nothing".. has similar vibes as the previous and love it.

"Mastermind" has grown on me since I listened last.. I think I might play around more with synths on future projects...

See you next week!

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