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I only had time to listen to 2 albums this week

Devandra Barnhart - Ma (2019)

I LOVE the vibes of this album right from the start. Ami: The horn arrangement is amazing. It's busy but in the "in a smoky jazz bar" type of way that makes me feel like I'm in a dimly lit speak easy.

Memorial: Now I feel like I'm in a sad movie scene in Europe somewhere.. it's raining and I don't have an umbrella.

Now all gone: feels like a group of stoned (super musical) friends hanging around jamming. The electric guitar licks are beautifully melodic and I love the simplicity of the bass line. Is the driving percussion a super gained up clock ticking?

The whole middle section of the album is so dreamy. Chill Latin indie pop? How do you even categorize music anymore?

The last song, Will I See You Tonight? (Ft. Vashti Bunyan) is the perfect ending to the album. His voice is so soothing and hers compliments it perfectly. I did a bit of reading up on her and she made an album in the mid-60s that never took off, until the early 2000s! She stopped making music for over 30 years... I'll have to add an album of hers to my list for 2024.

Attack in Black - Marriage (2007)

"Young Leaves" great guitar lick intro. Not a huge fan of the na na nas in this one. VERY unexpected horn section.

"Inches And Ages" is like if Blue Rodeo went pop punk. The harmonies are SO Greg Keelor and the instrumental leans towards country rock in the choruses... Again with an unexpected instrument, this time a soft piano outro.

"Northern Towns" is a good one too! I like the acoustic guitar part.

"Chimes and Churchbells" - I love a good panning synth.

I still haven't listened to an album I've disliked. You all have great taste!

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